Toward Clarity in this Time of Major Transition

People do not fall asleep at the time of a raid.
–Rumi, Mathnawi, Book V, 4099

This site is dedicated to those who are bringing light to the many places where unwelcome darkness still plagues humanity. It is dedicated to the architects of a new world.

Humanity and Earth are in a major transition in which we are undergoing transformative and accelerating change. This brings some chaos as old structures collapse, but also the opportunity to rebuild. The time is now.

Understanding the Old Patterns

We hold this truth to be self-evident: that it is not necessary that this planet have war, enslavement of many by the few, debilitating poverty, environmental devastation, counterfeit money, counterfeit food, counterfeit media, counterfeit governance steeped in secrecy and cronyism, and counterfeit religions paying lip service to love while fostering divisiveness and intolerance. Only a very small number of people want life on this planet to be arranged this way. They dominate far too many aspects of life.

We consider it to be crucial to this transition that humanity understands the current dominant structures, how and why they are as they are. Some advise that if we are seeking a world of higher vibration that we forget about the old negatives and focus only on the new, only on the positive. The Powers That Be would like nothing better. They would love to be allowed to continue their dominations. Gandhi successfully countered the British Empire, weakening it. Martin Luther King successfully countered racism, weakening its grip. If they had kept silent, would the world be a better place? Unlikely. The negative must be countered with truth, or it will continue to plague us. If Goldman Sachs, the CIA, JP Morgan, royal families, and the US Federal Reserve are allowed to continue their dominations, we will not get to a new age.

And there is much of great beauty and value in our current world. Our job is to understand what no longer serves humanity and to relegate it to the past, and to encourage that which supports people’s freedom to pursue their deepest, highest aims.

Why Now?

Why will effort for such far-reaching change succeed now when it has been so crushed in the past?

1. Truth is moving at nearly the speed of thought across the internet, penetrating formerly secret and dark corners. And people respond to truth, which is why the entrenched elite want so badly to squelch the world wide web. New channels of communication are helping to raise consciousness planet-wide, and as we all know from our inner life, increasing awareness precipitates change.

2. This transition is not limited to things human. It reverberates through our entire energetic continuum: the Earth itself is having documented increases in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, changing weather patterns, and extreme weather events; energy is dancing from the Sun as we’ve never seen before; even the Earth’s magnetic poles are on the move in accelerating fashion.

3. End-of-cycle behavior is widely visible. One can see the desperate attempts at self-preservation of institutions that are runaway trains with little track left. One can read of the current bout of mass extinctions that can accompany the close of a major cycle. We will discuss several cycles that are coming to a close.

This time of transition is the opportunity many of us thought would never arise, but it is here now! The old ways are crumbling. It is visible all around us.

Boldness is Required

Our society is dominated by the few because the many allow them to do so. But their numbers are very small. Without our participation in their schemes, their power would vanish. It is time for us to consciously refuse their dominations.

It is time to radiate the depth and breadth of your being into this plane. We are talking about transforming most aspects of life on this planet, so your unique experience set, your particular skills are required, or you wouldn’t be here now. Your work will not be for naught. Let’s get up on our horses! If not now, when? And when you get up on your horse, hopefully we can keep up, and watch your ride in amazement.

Since we are talking about nothing less than the emergence of a new world, this site will deal with a wide range of topics. The whole point is to attain clarity about what is happening and what is coming. Standing in that clarity, we can meet major change with equanimity, good cheer, and generosity, all the while envisioning a world of freedom and enlightenment.

Please consider what we publish as food for thought. Please comment below any post if you have questions, something to add, or if you think we got something wrong, which we sometimes undoubtedly will. We will happily provide clarifications. What we will not do is engage in long arguments, a very poor use of time and energy. We will make our case. Perhaps you will find it useful, or interesting, or funny. We hope you enrich our view with thoughtful statements of your own. welcomes and will consider guest posts for publication, either under your name or under the overall name of this site.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Bumblingly yours,
Thundering Heard