There is a realm of life that is … perfect.

It can be touched. It can be contacted.

Every person can do it, even if only for a moment. It is one of our birthrights.

It can happen on purpose. In meditation. That’s the most reliable way, and the safest. Or it can happen “by accident,” laying in a grassy field opening to comprehend the manifested vastness of all those suns and galaxies. For some, it happened “by accident” when they tried psychedelics.

Some recall the experience. And wish they could have it again. They can. If they recall it. And touch it again.

Others remember it. And deny it! Claim it was meaningless: A return to a delusional narcissistic paradise.

And yet it is there. Perfect. A pearl beyond price. There for the seeking.

Worth pursuing. Worth contemplating.

Found, it brings change. Even some things on the physical plane might seem, well, perfect. You might hear nearly-involuntary exclamations from yourself: “Perfect!”

And perfect might even be useful. And it might even cause trouble. What? Perfect causes trouble? Strange stuff that. A topic for another day.

And if anyone is darkening their field with this type of idea, “Yeah, I tried that years ago, it didn’t work for me”: Well, you know this acceleration thing we keep talking about? It’s happening on all levels. If you had inner aims that have become a little rusty, you might want to fire up those aims for another try, you might be very pleased with how much more accessible–how much more available–results, unexpected results, have become. The “boundaries” that seem to separate the planes of existence are thinning. It is an aspect of this transition.

As the magnificent Serapis Bey says, “Seek, seek, seek, seek. And when you are tired, take your rest. And when you are rested, seek, seek, seek, seek.” A prediction from a prediction-tracking addict: You will be amazed at what you find. Perhaps it will be “your own true nature, which is tireless, ever seeking, ever finding.”