Acceleration of Conflict, Part 2

When I posted Acceleration of Conflict, Part 1 in July of 2016, the result was not what I hoped. In an attempt to show the breadth of conflict acceleration, I over-emphasized its global versus its personal dimension. From speaking with readers about the post later, the effect had been for them to see this rise in conflict as taking place “on distant shores,” that is, it had little to do with their life. But by the time of the US presidential election, mentioning the rise of conflict had people immediately realizing its personal impact. Most had been involved in heated and often irrational political discussions with friends, neighbors, and loved ones. It was that type of full-spectrum pervasiveness of conflict energy that I had hoped to convey.  It is described well in this transcript of a talk given on June 12, 2016, that is, well before the US presidential election:

There will be continued mass confusion. The American elections will witness this confusion. And there will be battles that are really unprecedented between the parties and between those elements that are involved in the political system. And this goes for every single country in the world…

Now, what type of conflict is this going to be? I can tell you it’s conflict on every level. Mamas will be fighting with their sons, siblings will be fighting among themselves. It will just be scrapping on every level of society, all the way up to outright military confrontation. And this is something I must ask you to grin and bear for the next few years. And life will not be easy because, in addition to the collapse of the financial and economic system, we will have every type of conflict going on. We will be struggling with our own conflicts … The rest of the world will just melt under these conflicts, or they’ll just go crazy.

So what is a person supposed to do about this? That too was well covered in the same transcript:

  • Be one of those who rises above this scrapping conflict by staying in contact, staying aligned, with one’s soul, one’s higher self or essence, whatever you prefer to call it. People who can stand above the fray will be beacons of light in difficult, possibly dangerous, times.
  • Realize that this generalized energy of conflict is required to shake apart those forms in our world that keep humanity enslaved; that once the conflict has served its purpose, we will emerge into a far more peaceful, free, and beautiful world.

Does that mean injustice should go unopposed? Not at all. What I am talking about is avoiding the “identity theft” of getting so swept up in the energy of conflict that one forgets one’s true identity.

Everyone has heard of the opioid epidemic sweeping the US. Recent reports have shown that more people are dying each year in the US from opioid drug overdoses than US soldiers were killed during the entire War in Vietnam. And alcohol abuse is skyrocketing:

     Study Warns Of Binge-Drinking “Crisis” As Alcoholism Rates Spike 49%

Clearly, many people are trying to deaden themselves to the impact of accelerating energies, with some succeeding all too well. This is unfortunate since these energies can be used like an inner “alarm clock” reminding one to use their attention to get back into contact with who they really are.