Why Gold?

U.S. dollars have value only to the extent that they are strictly limited in supply. But the U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press (or, today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost. By increasing the number of U.S. dollars in circulation, or even by credibly threatening to do so, the U.S. government can also reduce the value of a dollar in terms of goods and services, which is equivalent to raising the prices in dollars of those goods and services. We conclude that, under a paper-money system, a determined government can always generate higher spending and hence positive inflation.
–Ben Bernanke, Chairman, US Federal Reserve Board, from a speech in 2002

If the governments devalue the currency in order to betray all creditors, you politely call this procedure “inflation”.
–George Bernard Shaw

At the end fiat money returns to its inner value – zero.

Gold can make its way through the midst of guards, and break through the strongest barriers more easily than the lightning’s bolt.

Three short segments on gold:

1. Why Did Gold Become Money?

Everyone knows that gold and silver were used as money for millenia. But those who despise gold as money, who call it the barbarous relic, who think government-created paper and electronic bits are the best money, claim that it was arbitrary that gold became money. Here is a scientific treatment of the topic, a link to a 6-minute video about why humans chose gold and silver as money versus all other substances available to them from the Periodic Table of Elements: Why Did Gold Become Money?

2. Gold As A Store Of Value

If you already know well the fabulous effect it has on a person to buy physical gold and silver, then you don’t need the next video. But for those who are still worried about gold as a store of value, who think paper currencies are better for their long term wealth, who worry about where they are going to store it, etc., here is 10-minute video on Gold As A Store Of Value.

3. The Vibrational Value of Gold

Those first two links are for all readers. The text below is unlikely to be of interest to anyone who thinks the physical plane is all there is, that is, below is a multi-plane view of the gold question from the book Unveiled Mysteries by Godfre Ray King. It gives a big clue about why many people like to keep some gold on their person at all times, and why you might wish to do that yourself, especially in increasingly turbulent times:

Gold was a common commodity…in all Golden Ages, because its natural emanation is a purifying, balancing, and vitalizing energy or force…

The outer or intellectual knowledge of humanity, holds within it little–very little–understanding of the real purpose for which gold exists on this planet. It grows within the earth like a plant, and through it there is constantly pouring a purifying, vitalizing, and balancing current of energy into the very ground we walk upon, as well as into the growth of nature and the atmosphere we breathe.

Gold is placed upon this planet for a variety of uses, two of its most trivial and unimportant ones being that of using gold as a means of exchange and for ornamentation. The far greater activity and purpose of it, within and upon the earth, is the release of its own inherent quality and energy to purify, vitalize and balance the atomic structure of the world.

The scientific world today has no inkling as yet of this activity. However, it serves the same purpose to our earth that radiators do to our homes. Gold is one of the most important ways by which the energy from our sun is supplied to the interior of the earth, and the balance of activities maintained. As a conveyor of this energy, it acts as a transformer to pass the sun’s force into the physical substance of our world, as well as to the life evolving upon it. The energy within gold is really the radiant, electronic force from the sun, acting in a lower octave. Gold is sometimes called a precipitated sun-ray.

As the energy within gold is of extremely high vibratory rate, it can only act upon the finer and more subtle expressions of life, through absorption. In all “Golden Ages,” this metal comes into plentiful and common use by the mass of the people, and whenever such a condition occurs, the spiritual development of that people reaches of very high state. In these ages, the gold is never hoarded but instead is widely distributed into the use of the masses who, absorbing its purifying energy, are themselves raised into greater perfection. Such is the right use of gold, and when this Law is consciously understood and obeyed, the individual may draw any quantity he desires to himself by the use of that Law.

Because of the gold deposits in all mountain ranges, one finds health and vigor in life upon the mountains that he cannot find in any other places on the earth’s surface. No one ever heard of detrimental effects coming to those who constantly handle pure gold. While in its pure state, it is soft and wears away easily, still the very quality is the fulfilling of this purpose of which I have just spoken.

2 thoughts on “Why Gold?

  1. I do see your point with the idea of accumulating Gold rather than paper money.
    however I have a concern.
    If we were to encourage more people to accumulate more Gold, how do we resolve the following very important issue:

    I have come to the awareness that the lungs of our Earth are been ravaged for men’s greed. I am talking of the Amazon forest. It is slowly being destroyed and poisoned for what I understand 3 main things:
    1, forests cut down to graze more cattle to feed the world’s insatiable desire for eating meat.
    2, forests been cut down to plant more coca and the amazon river polluted by chemicals used to then produce the growing demand of cocaine.
    3, forests being cut down and the river polluted for various mining activities, predominantly GOLD.

    My vision would be to decrease the demand for the resources which are being robbed of the Amazon. Gold included.

    I don’t propose myself as an expert within any of these issues, just a simple layman’s point of view from my own observations, but I do welcome a reply on the matter.



    • Thank you for your comment, Michele, and sorry it took so long to respond, we’re in the process of moving to that place where we think we can flourish during the coming storms, and the move is rather time-consuming.

      Regarding the Amazon, and gold mines in many other places, there is no doubt that people have figured out just about the worst possible way to do all kinds of things, from mining, to growing food, where industrial ag farmers kill the soil in order to grow things, to designing refrigerators, as you’ll see in my next post. As you know, I do foresee the passing of this type of approach to life and the Earth over the next few decades as we transition to a far better society. Ultimately I see that transition including the emergence of people’s abilities to create what they need with their mind, but given the current state of things on the planet, that type of capability still needs to be suppressed because its misuse would be rampant.

      I’m not a miner, but it does seem to be a somewhat dirty business. However, I’m sure that it can be done with care for the land and for the people involved. Legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair, who educates us all about gold on his free website JSMINESET.COM, is building a mining company in Tanzania. As a disciple of Sai Baba, Jim has been a meditator for decades. I know he loves the country and people of Tanzania. I’d be willing to bet gold that Jim is creating his mining venture in a way that respects life in all possible ways. So it *can* be done if someone has the understanding and the will to pursue it. But as we know all too well, too many entities on Earth care more about that extra penny per share in this quarter’s profits than they care about the local people or the local land, air, and water. A tragedy, to be sure, but one that I am optimistic will be set right going forward.

      So all told, I don’t think it is gold mining that is the real problem, but rather the short-term profits-above-everything-else approach to life that is the problem. Let’s work to end that domination of our world.

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