Weather Wildness Update

A few days ago, just a single year after Superstorm Sandy, I saw a post in which someone claimed that the weak Atlantic hurricane season meant that the weather wildness posited by the climate change people was a thing of the past. I passed on quickly (and didn’t save the link), figuring that this was either from the global cooling propaganda crowd, or from someone with an incredibly narrow view of the world. People in Mexico (hit by two hurricanes at once), the UK, and the “small” continent of Asia, which has experienced epic flooding this year, would be likely to disagree with that “thing of the past” idea.

Here are two weather wildness aggregator videos made by someone who does not include Bible quotes. Note the mention by a news commentator in the first video of “the 23rd typhoon to hit this year”:

     Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So October 2013 Part 1

     Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So September 2013 Part 2

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