Guest Post: Your Plan

We interrupt the What is the Transition? series for this brief post by someone who does not wish their name to appear on the internet, and thus will remain anonymous for the time being:

There is much noise in today’s world. The still small thought-pattern voice of your soul, your higher self, must come through to your conscious mind if you are to fulfill the plan you made for your life.

This voice is not a voice in the normal sense. It is not noisy. It is quiet. It requires you to move your thoughts out of the way. And let that voice speak. And let it be heard.

That voice, that thought-form, that energetic pattern, can re-mind you of why you decided to wade into this oftentimes confusing world known as the physical plane, the Earth plane.

No one else–no medium, no writer, no guru–can tell you your plan, the major idea of your plan. It is up to you to retrieve it. Doing so will bring you great joy.

The clues are everywhere. For most, your whole life is a clue, your whole life is a set of clues, a series of preparations for carrying out your plan. Much else is also accomplished in this series. But the preparation is for a specific expression of your life stream.

Find it. Retrieve it. Implement it. You will not be disappointed.

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Your Plan

  1. …..and may i just say the obvious: there is only one way of retrieving our soul plan, and that is MEDITATION. All other New Age “methods” are not useful in this aspect, and most of the time they come at a price (money and time wasted).

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